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Giralda Center, School of Spanish is part of the network of accredited centers of the Instituto Cervantes. Giralda Center is as well an official examining centers in Seville for the DELE, SIELE and CCSE.

National Associations

FEDELE, is the national Association of Spanish language Schools in Spain. It’s main objective is to guarantee the highest level of quality in Spanish teaching. All federated schools are accredited by The Cervantes Institute. A total of 96 Spanish language schools across Spain belong to FEDELE.

EEA, is the Association of accredited Spanish Language Schools in Andalusia. It represents 30 top quality schools across Southern Spain: Seville, Malaga, Cadiz, Jerez and Granada. An ideal shortlist for choosing the best schools in Andalusia.

EES, is the association of Spanish schools in Seville. Giralda Center is a founding member of the association and works closely together with the City Hall of Seville to promote Spanish learning in Seville worldwide.


CSN, The National Swedish Board of Student Aid, (or Centrala studiestödsnämnden) is a government agency under the Ministry of Education and Research. Giralda Center is one of the language schools in Spain, eligible for Swedish students applying for financial support to study languages abroad.


Bildungsurlaub is the national program in Germany enabling employees to attend language courses abroad during their work time. Giralda Center is accredited by Bildungsurlaub which allows German employees to study Spanish in Seville.

The University of Seville

The University of Seville is one of the most prestigious universities in Spain, founded in 1502. Housed in the historical Royal Tabaco Factory of Seville. Since 2009, Giralda Center has had a collaboration agreement with the University of Seville to prepare Spanish teachers for their Master’s program and courses to specialize in teaching Spanish.

Instituto Cervantes

The Cervantes Institute is a public institution founded by the Spanish government in 1991 for the teaching and promotion of the Spanish language. The Cervantes Institute is located in Madrid with centers around the world.

Objectives and functions:

  • To organize general and specialized Spanish language courses, as well as the co-official languages in Spain.
  • To issue Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science and organize the related exams.
  • To update teaching methods and teacher training.
  • To support the work of Hispanists.
  • To participate in programs for the dissemination of the Spanish language.
  • To engage in activities aimed at cultural dissemination, in collaboration with other Spanish and Latin American organizations and entities in the host countries.
  • To make available to the public libraries equipped with the most advanced technological means.
  • Giralda Center-Spanish House school of Spanish forms part of the network of accredited centers of the Instituto Cervantes since 2001.

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DELE is the most prestigious and worldwide recognised diploma of Spanish Language. SIELE is the only online exam in order to assess your level of Spanish language with a validity of two years. CCSE is an official exam to evaluate the knowledge of the Spanish constitution and the social and cultural reality in order to obtain the Spanish nationality.

ECTS credits

The Catholic University of San Antonio (UCAM) and Giralda Center School of Spanish have a collaboration agreement in order to validate Spanish courses taught at Giralda Center with university ECTS credits.

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