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The official certificate for the Spanish language

Do you need the official certificate in Spanish Language?

If so, the DELE certificate is the one for you. DELE Spanish Diplomas are official certificate granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education and The Instituto Cervantes which certify the degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language.

At Giralda Center it couldn’t be easier to obtain the DELE Certificate. We offer two premium courses to prepare for the exam and you can sit the exams at our school. DELE courses are available all year round and Giralda Center is an official exam preparation center.

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Do you need university credits?

Get University credits with your Spanish course. You can now gain European University Credits (ECTS) by taking a course at our school. ECTS CREDITS AVAILABLE for this course. Ask us!


We offer a 2-week DELE preparation course, which includes: 20 hours per week of Intensive Spanish Course in the morning to enhance your level plus 8 premium hours per week in the afternoon in small groups dedicated solely to exam practice. This combination will guarantee your success.

2 WEEK FULL COURSE (total 56 hours) PRICE 600€


20 hours per week of Intensive Spanish Course

Classes in the morning to consolidate your Spanish level. Max 10 students per class.



Max 4 students per class to guarantee exam success.



Available year round. Prior level test required.



If you are looking for a tailor-made DELE preparation course, we can design a program for you on a one-to-one basis. If you only want to practice exam techniques, this is the ideal solution for you.

Tell us what you want and we’ll advise you. One to one class hours are all 60 minutes.

Price of the full course:

10 hours 340€

15 hours 495€

20 hours 640€

DELE Spanish Diplomas are divided into six levels

We offer 6 levels in all our Spanish courses according to the Common European Framework of reference. For more information about the 6 levels please consult the menu below:

Certifies that the student is able to communicate using the language in a basic way in situations having to do with immediate needs or everyday situations.

Certifies that the candidate can understand commonly used, everyday phrases and expressions related to areas of experience especially relevant to them (basic information about themselves and their families, shopping, places of interest, work, etc.)

Certifies candidates’capacity to understand the gist of clear texts, in standard language, if they involve well-known topics related to work, studies or leisure. It also certifies students’ability to deal with most situations that occur while travelling in areas where Spanish is spoken;to produce simple and coherent texts about familiar topics, or topics of personal interest;and lastly to be able to describe experiences, events, wishes and hopes, as well as to be able to briefly express opinions or explain plans.

Certifies students’ability to interact with native speakers with a sufficient degree of fluency and spontaneity to enable easy and natural communication between interlocutors;produce clear and detailed texts about diverse topics, as well as defend an opinion about general topics, expressing the pros and cons for each argument;and lastly, understand the gist of complex texts about both concrete and abstract topics, including technical texts, provided they are within the candidate’s area of expertise.

Certifies sufficient linguistic competence to understand a wide variety of lengthy, and somewhat demanding texts, as well as to grasp implicit meaning in the same;to express themselves fluently and spontaneously without apparent effort to find the right words;to be able to use the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic, and professional purposes;and finally, to be able to produce clear, well-structured, and detailed texts about topics of some complexity, correctly using mechanisms of organization, articulation, and cohesion in the text.

Certifies sufficient linguistic competence to communicate effectively in any situation, proving ability to spontaneously adapt to any context, with a high degree of precision. The language users show subtle control of nuances which allow for fluent and natural expression in all interactions.

how to register for the exam, dates and prices

Giralda Center is an examination center where you can take your exam, however to register and pay you must do that via the examination website and pay directly on the Cervantes website by credit card.

The prices for the exams depend on the level of the exam you wish to take. The prices are as follows:

  • A2 - 130€
  • B1 –160€
  • B2 –190€
  • C1 –205€
  • C2 –220€

Registration for exams must be done online, through the internet (for exams held in Spain). Please keep in mind that registration must be completed before the end of the registration deadlines. Giralda Center cannot register you for the exam, so please note that it is the student’s responsibility to register for the exam before the final inscription date.

Exam dateInscription dateLevels offered
5th AprilUntil the 6th FebruaryA2, B1, B2 and C1
24th and 25th MayUntil the 27th MarchA2, B1, B2, C1 and C2
12th JulyUntil the 16th MayA2, B1, B2 and C1
13th SeptemberUntil the 24th JulyA2
4th OctoberUntil 21st AugustA2, B1 and B2
22 and 23rd NovemberUntil 9th OctoberA2, B1, B2, C1 and C2


A daily program, Monday to Thursday, of free afternoon/evening cultural activities + 3 Satuday activities per month.

A great opportunity to learn more while sharing with your companions and teachers.  Learn and enjoy!

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